​​Who accepts Bitcoin?

Who accepts Bitcoin

Blockchain & Ethereum are dominating the cryptocurrency universe. Several companies have begun accepting crypto payments. As a result, cryptocurrencies are gaining a lot of traction. It may not be long before more organizations accept cryptocurrency payments. For technological advancement and creating a more neutral space for all, it is still a challenge that can be removed through cryptocurrency. 

Here’s a detailed discussion of crypto payments and who accepts cryptocurrency, mainly Bitcoin.

Food companies that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Burger King

In Venezuela, Burger King restaurants are now taking Bitcoin as a means of payment. Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ether, and Tether are all accepted as payment methods. On Burger King’s website and mobile app, Bitcoin has been accepted since September 2019.


For a limited time, KFC Canada has opted to take Bitcoin in return for the “Bitcoin Bucket.” The bucket was to be delivered directly to the customer’s home location after the firm received payment via BitPay.


Subway does accept Bitcoin payments! However, this is not true for every single store. You may swap Bitcoin for Subway meal items, but make sure you do your homework ahead of time to see if the business accepts cryptocurrencies.